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John Tedesco reporter for the San Antonio Express-News

Have a news tip or want to securely share important documents? Here’s how to reach me:

Office phone and fax:

210.250.3477 (o)
210.250.3157 (f)

My work email: jtedesco @

Social media, for networking and routine communications:

LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter / Google+ / YouTube / Flickr

If you want to take more precautions to protect our communication, here are some other methods:

Snail mail: An old-school but relatively secure way to send messages and documents. Don’t put your return address on the envelope and don’t go inside the post office to send it. My address:

John Tedesco
Staff Writer
San Antonio Express-News
301 Avenue E
San Antonio, TX 78205

Send me encrypted emails by creating a free account with ProtonMail, an email service based in Switzerland that’s obsessed with privacy. Log in to ProtonMail and reach me at jtedesco @ for end-to-end encryption. Or if you’re already familiar with encryption keys and use a different email service, here’s my public key. You can use it to send an encrypted message to my ProtonMail account. If you’re interested in using this method, check out Mailvelope, a Chrome and Firefox extension that encrypts messages for a wide variety of email services.

Send me encrypted text messages with Signal, one of the most secure texting apps available. Add Signal to your smart phone and create an account. View my vcard with my contact info. Open Signal and we’ll be able to send each other encrypted text messages or make encrypted phone calls.

I’m also on WhatsApp, which isn’t quite as secure as Signal but far more popular.

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