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  • I’m famous! Colbert Report mocks John Tedesco! Wait, what?

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    It sounds too good to be true, but did you know there are two John Tedescos roaming around in the world? It’s true!

    Good Spock, Bad SpockIf you recently Googled “John Tedesco” and wound up at my blog, you’re probably looking for this Colbert Report episode that made fun of the other John Tedesco, who is a school board member in Wake County, North Carolina.

    This is all very confusing and for now I’m going to think of me and the other John Tedesco as the Good Spock/Bad Spock in that one Star Trek episode about an alternate universe. I’m assuming the other John Tedesco is Bad Spock because they both have goatees and a Vulcan death grip.

    I will provide a full update when Colbert will inevitably make fun of me at some point in the future.

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  • Welcome

    John Tedesco reporter for the San Antonio Express-News

    Hi, I’m a guy who works for that ink-covered relic called a “newspaper,” which you probably haven’t bothered to read if you’re my age or younger.

    That’s too bad. Because as stodgy as newspapers can be, there are days when they live up to their promise and show us what’s really going on in the world.

    Want some examples? Check out my blog for links to stories written by my colleagues at the San Antonio Express-News, the city’s daily newspaper.

    This blog will include a “how we did it” section and resources for journalism students. And along the way, hopefully we’ll find some ways to keep keep watchdog journalism alive at a time when newspapers are struggling.

    I want people to get their hands dirty reading their local ink-covered relic. Sometimes, it isn’t just a boring pile of paper.